Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Places You've Been

I was looking through my calendar the other day and realized that you've been quite the traveler in your short time of being in my tummy. I always hear stories about my family's trip to Brazil when I was in my mom's tum, and I consider myself as being there along with everyone else, so I thought it would be fun for you to know all of the places you've been so far as well.

1) Feb 08 - Santa Barbara - You were tiny, but it counts!
2) Mar 08 - Maui, Hawaii - Your dad and I had a planned trip to Hawaii before we found out about you, and we thought about canceling because we didn't know what to expect. The pregnancy was very new, and we obviously didn't have any experience, so we thought I might be sick the entire time, and have no fun. At the last minute, we decided to brave it and go. Besides, it was an all expense paid trip (from your dad's work). When we got there it was fine, aside from me being a bit tired. The island air made me feel great, and it was really relaxing. Except for us having to keep you a secret - and the sushi that I was newly required to avoid never looked better - darn it!
3) Mar 08 - LA, CA - This was the weekend your dad and I spent in LA with the fam finally announcing to our siblings that you were on your way! Most of the siblings had to be called. However, at dinner at the Jonathan Club with your Grandpa Stilwell, Aunt Bobi, Uncle Steve, Meg, Mike and the Considines, your dad announced that he had 'some pictures' he wanted to share from our trip to Hawaii the week before. It was a trick and he was actually passing out pictures of you (although slightly indistinguishable in your small state). Steve was sitting next to Sally Considine, and they were looking at you upside down asking us if you were a picture of Molakini (we all got a big kick out of that).. Bobi knew right away, and shouted loudly "I knew it!" Apparently she had been suspicious after spending the day with me, and had already sent text messages to uncle Chris and aunt Mia about her suspicions... One of her clues was the fact that I actually ate breakfast - which I never do, and skipped a morning coffee, even though we were up pretty early. Can't get anything past her..
4) Mar 08 - Chicago, IL - A place I go often for work. I was a little nervous for a full fledged work trip with you, but luckily I felt great. The hotel I stay at (The Peninsula Chicago) is right by some super cute baby shops and department strores, so I browsed by them and looked for stuff for you.
5) Apr 08 - Austin, TX - Your dad and I went to visit your Uncle Steven & Aunt Mindy and your cousins, Bradley, Emmy and Olivia. They moved there last year, and it was the first time we'd been there to visit them. They showed us all around and we had some really fabulous BBQ! It was really fun to see your cousin's getting so big! Your dad left after the long weekend, and I stayed and did some work for the rest of the week after checking into the Four Seasons in downtown Austin.
6) Apr 08 - LA, CA - You and I headed back to LA for a really quick trip (24hrs) to meet little Grace Wolpert, who was 4 days old. We stayed at uncle Steve's, and Jennie and Christina joined. Being around a newborn baby was so fun, it made me so excited for you to come. Hurry up!
7) May 08 - Chicago, IL, - Back to Chicago. This time the cat was out of the bag about you, which made it easier for me to skip work dinners if I was too tired.. I stayed at the Ritz Carlton downtown, the Peninsula was booked :( but it was still close enough to my favorite restaurant, RL.. so that was ok.
8) May 08 - Portland, OR, - Another work trip, we stayed at the Governor Hotel in downtown Portland, which is really adorable. This trip was fun, and was topped off by a big yacht ride down the Willamette River with dinner and casino night.
9) Jun 08 - Minneapolis, MN - Work trip, the weather was great and I got to see the Mississippi River for the first time (that I can remember), which was very exciting. We stayed at the Grand Hotel downtown. Because you are getting bigger, FAST, it's getting a bit more difficult to travel, so I think I'm going to stay in San Francisco for a while.. except for a quick trip to LA soon and then to Utah. At some point soon the airlines aren't going to allow me on a plane, so I need to make it fast.

We are already planning all of the places we're going to take you after you arrive, and we can't wait. Your dad and I are hoping that you like traveling as much as we do (time will tell). So far, we're planning on taking you to Utah for Christmas, London in February to see the Hinchey's, Hawaii in March and then Yellowstone with the Mickelson's next summer. We'll see how much you enjoy sitting on an airplane, that may determine how many trips we take.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

25 Weeks!

We got a good look at you today, and you are TOO CUTE! We had a fetal echocardiogram untrasound (basically a good look at your heart) today. The Doctor said you are normal and healthy, so we were very glad to hear that.

You are now 1 lb 14 oz already, and are in the 58th percentile for your age (normal),
however, the length of your femur bone measured in the 70th percentile! So they think you may be tall, or at least have long legs. Maybe you got some of uncle David's genes..

The Dr thought you looked a lot like your Daddy, and we both think you have my nose. You weren't being very cooperative for pictures because you kept putting your hands over your face, so I think you were hiding from us, but we did get a couple cutes ones that the Dr printed out for us.