Saturday, June 21, 2008

Your Dad

Your dad is so excited for you to come, and he's been preparing for you. Planting grass and ferns in our limited gardening space and planter boxes, replacing our carpet to something soft for you to crawl around on, cleaning out his closet to make room for your clothes, and searching for a new, safe car that's big enough for our newly larger family. He goes to every doctors appt to find out about your progress and watch you grow.

Your dad has been taking very good care of me also. He takes care of dinners and breakfasts at home, and caters to my limited tastes in foods. Every day when he gets home from work, he forgoes his regular gym workout, and we go on a walk together around the city. He already loves you so much and shows it by constantly rubbing my belly, and talking to you because he knows you can hear him now. He's already trying to gang up on me with you, and not let me hear what he's telling you. I have a feeling that's going to continue.. You are so lucky to have such a great daddy.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stilwell Family Visit

Anticipating the Hinchey family's move to England, the Stilwells all got together for a week in Davis/Granite Bay to celebrate some holidays before the move: Alex's 21st B-day (and 2-part party), Conor's baptism, Fathers Day and my family baby shower. We really know how to cram all the holidays in, and take advantage of the family being in one place. Here are some highlights from the eventful week:

1) The baby shower was really fun, and it's always great to get the Mickelson's and Stilwell's together. You are definitely spoiled already, I'm already starting to call you 'the little prince', because so far 'only the best for little baby Mick' is starting to become a theme. Your fancy crib bedding was only the beginning. During the shower, a very fancy stroller rolled in with a big bow on it from your aunties, Alex and uncle Steve. Let's just say it's the rolls royce of strollers, so they've ensured that you'll be riding around in style. We're feeling more and more prepared for you all the time, and now that our house is filling up with baby gear, the anticipation is getting stronger and stronger, and I can't wait for you to be here.

2) Your cousin Conor was quite a ham at his baptism. He's definitely a comedian already at age one, so I'm sure you guys are going to have so much fun together. He was the only one in church that was baptized that day, and having the whole audience looking at him, and clapping and cheering, was his favorite part. He was very excited and laughed and enjoyed himself very much.

3) Joining the ranks of Fathers was pretty exciting for your dad on his first fathers day. We had a really nice brunch at the Granite Bay CC to celebrate your grandfather and the Hinchey dads. Your dad was really excited about getting a new camera in anticipation of being a dad, and getting some good, quality pics of you. Here is a picture of the card that I got your dad for his first fathers day.

4) Al's b-day was fabulous as expected. Part 1 consisted of a dinner party at Piatti's in Granite Bay, where she requested cocktail attire and even had a signature cocktail 'The Al-Tini'. Can't believe that your big cousin and my little niece is 21. She's so grown up and I'm so proud of her. Part 2 was an all day wine tasting trip to Napa with 14 people including a bunch of her friends, myself and her parents. It was a beautiful summer day in Napa and such a perfect way to celebrate. Your cousin Aiden who is right now obsessed with Alex at the age of 3, came over to her during the week and sqeezed her cheeks and said "Alex, I'm so proud of you" How cute is he?

Your aunt Mia had her movers pack a large number of boxes (too many to count apparently) of baby boy gear for you that your cousins are no longer using or taking to England. They moved it along with many other items for storage and for Bobi's house to Utah, so your dad and I are planning a trip soon to pick it up. We've been told we may need two cars. I'm a little scared because our house isn't that big, and already you are taking over. As a joke, your dad and sing the song "It's the end of the world as we know it" pretty often..

I've been feeling you move around every day for about 3 weeks now. The first time your dad felt you was pretty incredible. Every night when I lay down in bed, you start getting quite active. I think I lull you to sleep during the day when I'm up and around, so you are probably wondering what the heck is going on when I stop moving. I love to feel you move around. You gave your Aunt Mia a nice big kick the other day, and she was so thrilled to feel her little nephew.