Saturday, February 28, 2009


On your birthday after a long long night, with no sleep, we were finally transferred into our hospital room where we could rest. I remember being wheeled to the room while laying down in a bed, I told the nurse I felt like I was in an episode of Grey's Anatomy, and she laughed and said, "kinda, minus Mcdreamy". Your dad was wheeling you in your bed behind us. When we arrived at our room, which was just across the hospital on the same floor, Jennie and Christina went to Pasta Pomodoro in Laurel Village and got us an early dinner. I ordered two dinners, because I was so hungry. Pasta never tasted better. It was true that I got my taste buds back immediately after birth - thank goodness! I was starved.

We had fun getting to know you in the hospital, although we were EXHAUSTED. Watching you sleep, eat, blink, yawn, it was all fascinating to us. You were so strong for a newborn - and did I mention large - with extremely strong neck muscles, already holding your head up.

You even got a nickname in the hospital. One of the nurses said the word 'Tukus". I don't remember whose she was referring to, but we thought it was pretty funny, and started calling you Tukus right away. It has already transformed a bit, to just "Tookie".

When your dad wasn't taking care of me, he was changing all of your diapers, and swaddling you, and taking you to all of your scheduled tests. He was so proud of his little 'Tookie"

After one long night of labor, and two nights of 'resting' we were so tired from the whole hospital experience. Nurses, doctors, pediatricians, birth certificate people, family, friends etc.. were constantly coming in the room. We were usually on the phone telling all of our loved ones about you. During the couple quiet moments, we stayed awake and watched you sleep.