Monday, September 15, 2008

Labor Day 2008

As part of our planning for a larger family, we needed to get a bigger car, and of course, your Uncle Chris, the family car expert, found us the perfect one at his dealership in Salt Lake City. Coupled with the fact that your Aunt Mia sent your dad and I a bunch of baby boy gear (including your crib!) to Utah for us to pick up, we decided to fly out and pack up the new car and take all your gear home. Labor Day was the last official weekend we were allowed to travel before you were expected to arrive.

Your Dad and I took advantage of the long weekend to see some family. Bobi and Chris were extremely hospitable and let us stay at their house. Their backyard is filled with fun games like horseshoes, croquet and lots of really big trees. It's a huge hit with your cousins and you are going to love to visit when you get older.

We got to spend some time with Uncle David and Aunt Alena and your two adorable cousin's Ava and Gracie, and had a fun BBQ at their house. We also got to hang out with Uncle Brian and Aunt Janese and their fun brood. Aunt Janese is preggo also, 4 months!, so their baby (gender unknown) will be your closest-in-age cousin. Conor is the next closest at 1 1/2. Here is a pic of the preggo Mommy's.

We also spent some time with your Great Grandparents. A highlight of our trip was our visit with your Great-Grandma Elaine and Great-Grandpa Don. Grandma Ruth's parents are very special to us all, so we were very excited to spend some time with them. They are an example of one of the most precious love stories that I've ever heard, and are  a very inspiring example of a long lasting marriage, and a very happy life together. 

Grandma Elaine told us some funny stories about your Dad as a little kid and also about the day his brother Steven was born. Apparently the fact that an ambulance came to the house to take his mom to the hospital didn't concern him much, while uncle Brian was running around the house very worried and scared, little Jonny was only interested in the tuna sandwich that he was eating. Even at age 3, your dad was quite the little foodie ;) They are so excited for your arrival, and we promised to bring you out there very soon to meet them.

Your aunt Bobi and I decided to take some preggo pictures in their backyard..

Thursday, September 11, 2008

8 Months!

I'm now 8 1/2 months pregnant and can't believe you are coming so soon. It's also hard to imagine my belly getting any bigger than it is right now. Here is a preggo pic of mom that your dad took to mark the 8 months. So far the pregnancy has been relatively good, and as excited as I am to meet you, I'm really going to miss being pregnant. Strangers are always smiling at me, people fight to take my bag down on airplanes, if someone spills in a coffee shop, they run over to clean it up, so I won't fall. I'm going to miss the extra attention and kindness for sure. I also love feeling you wiggle around all day. You continue to move around like crazy, causing your dad to always ask "what is he working on in there?" I love to sit down and watch my stomach move from side to side. Your dad said that I have a new habit of grunting a lot. Walking up the stairs, flipping over in bed and getting out of chairs are all things that used to be a lot easier for me.

Your dad and I went to see Dr Yee today and she said you are progressing perfectly and are now in the 'head down' position and ready to eject. Your heart sounded as strong as ever and your growth is on track. We talked about all the hospital logistics and got the phone number to call when labor starts and we are on our way! We then headed over to the presidio to do a little photo shoot of you in my belly.

I get asked by pretty much everyone I know or meet what my food 'craving' is since I've been pregnant, and honestly there are more aversions than cravings. I used to be a big fan of eating, and now it's more of a necessity rather than a luxury. I've heard that changes right after birth, so I'm excited for my appetite back. Nectarines have been my craving for sure. I can't pass one at a farmers market or an outdoor grocery display without buying one. They seem to taste better this season than ever. Your Grandma Marci brought me a huge box of them a couple weeks ago and they went alarmingly fast. Your Grandma Marci had the exact same craving when she was pregnant with me, which I thought that was pretty ironic.

In other news, I bought you another pair of shoes yesterday. I've temporarily forgotten about my own shoe obsession, and am focusing on shoes for you. They are so cute, and so small. My favorite are the ones that look like Daddy's shoes, and I can just imagine you guys together. I realize that most of your shoes will never be walked on, but I really can't resist.