Sunday, March 1, 2009

Coming Home

Even though being at the hospital was tiring, I was really nervous to go home at first. I was trying to figure out reasons why we would need to stay an extra day or two. I was nervous about walking to the car, getting up our stairs and also being alone (without doctors and nurses) at our house with a newborn baby! But when the time came I started to get really excited about being at home. This was the first time I'd ever stayed in a hospital, and I was getting excited to sleep in my own bed.

Your dad took about 3 or 4 trips to Uncle Steve in the waiting car, with all of the stuff that we had packed, of which we didn't use any of. I had packed a bunch of outfits for you, and for me. What was I thinking? I also had all of the hospital items that they tell you to bring for labor. I think the only thing I used was the chap stick. Why on earth do they tell you to bring magazines? I brought about 10, and didn't have time to even read the covers. Here's your proud papa walking you out of the hospital for the first time.

Uncle Steve flew up from LA for the day to meet you, and he helped us on the drive home from the hospital. Your first ride! You were so little and cute in your plush carseat!

Your dad was so excited to bring you home, and show you your room. He brought you upstairs very carefully, and Alex videotaped your arrival.

Alex and Niky got the house ready for your 'warm welcome' with signs and balloons and a cute gift for you.

You are one lucky boy.

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