Sunday, October 19, 2008

7 years!

Today is the 7th anniversary of your dad's and my first date. I can't believe how time has flown by, I'm only 31! I was thinking that it would be really cute if you were born today, but so far, I think you've got your own plans, and you are going to wait until you are ready. It makes me feel old to think it's been 7 years since our first date at Godzilla Sushi on Divisadero and Bush street in San Francisco. The receipt from that date is framed in our bedroom. Your dad kept it in his wallet, and gave it to me a year later. The ironic thing is that behind that receipt in the frame is the receipt from our first anniversary - at Jardiniere on Franklin and Grove, for about 6 times the price. Our dates started stepping up a bit.. especially the 'special occasions'.

Your dad is the smartest, kindest and funniest person I know. He loves his family more than anything and it is such an honor for me to wake up next to him everyday. I know he is going to be such a great father to you, and you are one lucky little guy. He already has so many plans for the two of you, like Sunday morning coffee runs while mommy gets to sleep in (that's my favorite), walking on Crissy Field with you in the Baby Bjorn, taking you to baseball games, and 'guys time', watching the 49ers. You two are going to have so much fun together.

The first due date that Dr Yee gave us was October 20th. After your first ultrasound, they changed it to Oct 22nd, and that's been the 'official' date ever since. It's a special date because your Great-Grandpa Howard Latham Stilwell was born on Oct 22nd in 1887! That's 121 years ago, wow. I never met my Grandpa Howard, because he had my dad later in life (age 43), and my dad had me later in life (age 47), so that made for some large generation gaps. He was a very special man, and I'd be very proud for you to share a birthday with him.

Some other special dates you may be born on; Oct 19th - our first date (2001). Oct 25th, the day your dad proposed to your mom in Paris (2003).

Some vintage mom and dad pics from our trip to France when we got engaged..


Wine tasting in Provence

St Tropez


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