Friday, October 17, 2008

Your Name

Your Dad and I have a name for you. This doesn't stop us from continuing to look through name books - just in case, but it's pretty inevitable what your name will be. It's a name that we thought of pretty early on and loved for you, and it has stuck out as our favorite and although we've done some extensive research, we just can't imagine you with another name.

By extensive research, I mean we've found all of the things that are important in a name for our little man. A strong, powerful, respectful name. A poetic name with a proper syllable count that matched your last name, it even has a 'mirrored' sound which is an added bonus. We wanted a sentimental aspect with a bit of family history, but most of all we wanted to give you a 'cool' name. Your dad actually came up with this name in the first place, which makes me like it even more. We are waiting to meet you in the hospital before we make it official, and of course, until we sign your birth certificate, we could still change our minds.. but I don't think we will.

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